Veolia is the only global group that merged the environmental services under one brand and provides the technology solutions to industry partners worldwide.

In Russia Veolia provides energy and water management services for industries.


As a reliable partner we provide our expertise through long experience and high professional level of our employees. Our own experts participate in activities from design through to implementation in order to respond to all needs and to fulfill the customer expectations.

As part of our services, we offer:

  • In-depth analysis of the situation by our engineers and technical experts trained in environmental technology
  • A single point of contact to ensure the effectiveness of the project and to take responsibility for the high performance of the services provided
  • Dedicated teams in the field
  • Multidisciplinary services that are providing the expertise of professional topics
  • Wide operational network with experts available in the vicinity of the operation


Industrial companies, be they from the automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical, metallurgical, farming and food-processing, or oil refining industries, need to focus primarily on their core business.

To enable industrial companies to control their energy costs, we offer them a broad range of environmentally friendly solutions all the way to managing entire industrial complexes. We supply our clients with the energy utilities that they need for their operation and production - steam, cooling, compressed air, etc.

Our expertise is in services such as operation and maintenance, designing, engineering, and sourcing, which enable companies to cut the cost of energy supplies, control their consumption, and use efficient tools for energy generation, distribution and utilisation.


Group Veolia operates the equipment of industrial partners through outsourcing or provides the external production and wastewater treatment facilities in operation. Veolia also provides a number of other services to industrial partners using high expertise (eg, laboratory services, maintenance, design and technology services). Veolia (Water) aims to optimise production processes and reduce costs for your company, with maximum care for the environment and in full compliance with all legal requirements.

The projects mainly comprise the operation of:

  • Facilities for treatment and distribution of drinking and process water (water treatment plants)
  • Facilities for draining and treatment of wastewater (sewerage systems and wastewater treatment plants)
  • Waste disposal facilities (landfills)
  • Maintenance and repair of water infrastructure, industrial enterprises

Main principles of water management outsourcing:

  • Assuming responsibility for observing the conditions for operating water management facilities stipulated by state authorities
  • Responsibility for optimal economic and technical management of water management facilities' operations
  • Responsibility for repairs and maintenance of equipment
  • Cooperation in preparing investments in water management facilities
  • Setting prices for services on the basis of actual operating costs, as calculated
  • Long-term contracts



The core business of Veolia Group’s Waste Division is waste management geared towards maximising waste re-use or recycling, thus minimising potential waste disposal. We bring efficient environmentally-friendly solutions for our customers.
               > Extensive experience in waste service provision
               > Maximum emphasis on waste recycling and re-use
               > Global quality standards
               > Detailed knowledge of waste legislation


                     > Collection and disposal/utilisation of all types of waste
                     > Treatment of secondary raw materials (plastics, paper, packaging, metals)
                     > Collection and purchase, and the dismantling of discarded and non-functional electrical and electronic equipment for the
                         purpose of its recovery
                     > Collection and recovery of waste primarily from the automotive, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering                                            industries
                     > Advice on hazardous waste and environmental protection
                     > Complete records of the waste delivered to our company and the preparation of waste listings to the customer’s requirement
                     > Preparation of yearly reports for the Ministry of the Environment, the Integrated System for Meeting Reporting Obligations
                        (ISPOP) and the Integrated Register of Environmental Pollutants (IRZ) on all of the wastes produced by the customer
                     > Delivery, or lease, of containers, collection bins and packaging for waste, and of sorption devices and other required aids
                     > Cleaning of storage tanks, sumps and grease traps, including leakage tests and comprehensive servicing
                     > Comprehensive dismantling of process equipment with subsequent purchase of materials
                     > Lining and refurbishment of sumps, storage tanks and grease traps, including the application of protective impermeable
                     > Rehabilitation (refurbishment and repair) of floors, including the application of protective impermeable coatings resistant to
                         oil products and chemicals
                     > Clean-up and hydrogeological services, including the preparation of expert opinions and risk analyses supervised by an authorised person